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By subscribing to SempreMilan’s Substack, you don’t have to worry about missing anything Milan-related. Our weekly newsletter provides you with an insight into the week that has been and the most important news from it. The bonus content, which is behind a paywall, dives deeper into different topics every week through articles and the bonus podcast.

So, what exactly does a paid subscription include? For just €5 a month or €50 per year, you will get…

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The newsletter, as stated in the photo above, will always be free and that means you can enjoy our weekly update without a paid subscription. But if you really like the newsletter, a paid subscription is a great way to show your appreciation, plus you will get access to all of the bonus stuff!

Finally, there is also a founding member option, which is a yearly plan that allows you to pay a suggested amount of your own but at most €100. You will then get all of the bonus content, a shoutout on the podcast, and our eternal appreciation!

What some of our paid subscribers think

“Thank you I love what you guys do! I subscribed as you guys were the first kind of podcast/website I listened to/read after coming back to the highs and lows of being a Milan fan. Keep up the great work so I can fuel my addiction!”

- Henry

“Amazing Substack with amazing articles and insights on my club. Forza Milan!"

- Eric

"The content on Substack is awesome and the questions I have are always answered, sometimes with fully dedicated bonus episodes. Supporting Milan is special, but this makes me feel part of a community of fans. Forza Milan!"

- Mats

“Sempre Milan Sempre. I have been watching for years, love you guys.”

- Jack

Why we started SempreMilan Insider

Having worked in the Milan media industry for several years, we felt that something was missing for Milanisti. In a time where there is a plethora of news everywhere, we wanted to collect the most important stuff and the weekly newsletter was the perfect solution. It no longer matters if you are working a lot, or have other commitments, you can always stay updated on everything Milan-related.

After seeing the success of the newsletter, we decided to expand our Substack coverage with the bonus content. The bonus podcast, for example, is something we had thought about for a long time. And we also wanted an outlet where we could communicate more directly with our readers, enabling us to send more exclusive information and insight articles that we for various reasons cannot publish on the main website.

If you’re interested in a paid subscription, great! We would love to have you as our reader/listener of the bonus content. If you’re not quite convinced yet, not to worry! The newsletter will be there to serve the basic needs of your Milan fandom, and upgrading to a paid plan will always be one click away.

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Inside and unfiltered access to the latest AC Milan content from SempreMilan.com. From the regular newsletter to bonus material, we have you covered!



Inside and unfiltered access to the latest AC Milan content from SempreMilan.com. From the regular newsletter to bonus material, we have you covered!

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