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Nov 23, 2023Liked by SempreMilan

It seems to be evident that Milan have a management problem between coaching, technical, medical and fitness departments! Instead of spending time and money investigating the obvious the owners should plan ahead and recruit a new team and on top of that a new coach. I have been reading articles and follow ups on news, the perfect coach the for Milan is De Zerbi. He's clever young and ambitious knows how to interact with players mentally. Milan should contact him in January to be available for the summer. If De Zerbi arrives he will last for a very long time with a more stable Milan. I am sure De Zerbi is eager to come back to Italy especially Milan. Getting new players in January is a must yet we will probably face the same issues under the current coach and fitness/medical staff!

P.S. using Camarda who 15 in the next match is a big risk rather play Jovic depending how things move on, in the last 15min maybe Camarda can come on. Forza Milan

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